Feeling 22

On Sunday I turned 22! My first birthday away from home, and it was honestly such a good day. Despite getting up at 6am ready to commute around, by the end of the day I felt well and truly spoiled by my new friends.

My wonderful Nula back home gave me the most heartfelt hand written card to open on my birthday morning, which is all I expected to open that day. Of course I was so wrong! I walked into a decorated (Disney Princess-themed, of course, with a tiara to match) studio and a pile of presents from my friends and students. The girls even made up their own birthday dance to Katy Perry’s ‘Birthday’ and sang to me. One student even painted a canvas for me (bottom left photo) saying “Keep Calm and Dance On”. I am so lucky.

In the evening, I was treated for dinner at Blue Frog, a well known restaurant with amazing calamari and huge burgers. We all drank cocktails and, out of a list of 100 shots, had to drink either the one with the same number as our current age or the one with the number of the age we wish we were. I also received the poshest cake I have ever eaten!

We then went out for drinks on ‘Foreigner’s Street’, a street that basically looks like a strip you’d find near any holiday resort in Europe. As we went on a Sunday, it wasn’t very busy, but apparently Thursday-Saturday it is absolutely jammed, so we plan on going back soon as I loved it.

2016 has been the year of biggest changes in my life so far, and more changes are happening everyday. Each one is helping me to grow up into a stronger, bigger, better woman, and I can’t wait to see what my 22nd year has to offer.


One thought on “Feeling 22

  1. I just started a blog myself although yours is much more vibrant! I wanted to keep mine fairly anonymous but I’m sure you’ll immediately figure out who I am! So lovely to be able to read about your adventures. I think I’ve followed you but I’m very new to this so we’ll see. xx


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