On 21st August I took the first steps on my Shanghai adventure, flying for the first time by myself to a continent I have never been to before. My feelings included scared, nervous, tired, lost, but as soon as I got through security at Heathrow airport, I felt a sense of achievement for setting out on this journey. My purpose and aim is to put into practice what I have studied so hard for during my 3 years at the Royal Academy of Dance, London.

To give some background about me: I started dancing when I was about 5 years old, at the Central School of Dance and Drama in Brentwood, Essex, where I trained for all of my dance exams from Primary to Advanced 2 in RAD Ballet, ISTD Modern and ISTD Tap. This amazing school saw me as a 5 years old doing my pony galops around the room, right through to doing my 3rd year university teaching placement. I could not thank them more for getting me where I am today. I was also lucky enough to be part of the Chelmsford Ballet Company from 2012, which really opened my heart towards ballet further, until I chose to study on the BA (Hons) Ballet Education course full-time at the RAD.

I am beginning this blog 3 weeks into my Chinese adventure. I have already explored so much and seen some weird and wonderful sights, so will have to back track and write about as much as I can possibly remember in the next few posts. The only upside to being poorly is that I have plenty of time to do this!

The name Shanghai Échappé was inspired, of course, by the new city I can now call home, alongside the ballet term ‘échappé’: ‘to escape’.


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