Moving into my first flat

My 2nd week in Shanghai saw me move into my first flat, as I had previously been staying in a spare room by the main dance studios. I bought this golden Buddha key ring as a lucky charm in a local market, where haggling and being chased by people trying to bargain with you is to be expected around every corner!

During this week, I had time to go back to East Nanjing Road and have some much needed me time in the form of retail therapy. Despite the heat and scorching sun – from which 90% of the general public seem to hide under an umbrella – I walked down to the next metro station, People’s Square, which seems like a nice green patch among the busy main roads, with a lot of history I should probably learn more about!

Most importantly, I found my new travel companion:


It’s important to me that I am able to find a little piece of sanctuary- of ‘home’- wherever I am. Home is where the heart is, even if you’re 5,692 miles from your home home.


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