Women’s Independence


Last week, I attended the opening evening for the Women’s Independence art exhibition at the K11 Art Mall, as part of the Art In The City programme. One of the student’s parents had given me an invitation for this event, but unfortunately I was too late for the free champagne… K11 appears to be a very large shopping centre with only high-end designer shops and very posh, healthy restaurants, and the entire building is decorated with art, plants and neon lights. The whole place feels like a gallery, so it took me a little while to find that the exhibition was held down on the 3rd basement floor.

As it was the first gallery exhibition I have been to by myself, on top of being out here on my own, I was delighted to find out the theme of the evening. Each piece of art was made by a different female artist, and here are some of my favourite pieces:


Below is an inspiring quotation from photographer Ekaterina Anokhina which aligns with my own views. It’s so heartwarming to come all the way across the world to a small gallery room, only to find a small piece of somebody that resonates with you so much.


I got a fortune cookie from the gallery. Apparently the message inside translates to: “When I am thinking of myself, I become more cool, I am almost falling in love with myself”. Yolanda, who kindly translated this for me, found it funny and strange, but I see this as highly appropriate for this chapter of my life.





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