1 Month In

I can’t believe I have been here over 1 month now! It’s gone quite quickly, but at the same time I feel like I have done so much and been here forever. Of course, I am still getting my bearings and I am literally lost for about 60% of each day, but every week I am getting more confident exploring on my own and meeting new people.

Here are some photos taken in each of the lovely studios I get to go to, featuring some teeny tiny ballet shoes and a box of baby ballet essentials. Having so many props really helps to fill the lesson up despite the language barrier, and what 3 year old doesn’t love throwing petals round for 20 minutes?

All I want to do is box up the different foods I’m trying and send them home to friends and family, they’re too good not to share! You cannot live a life without eating some real Chinese food at some point. It also adds that little bit of excitement into daily life to have a bowl of food when you genuinely have no idea what it is, like a couple of the ones on the right… Another highlight was having a stranger get her translator app out just so that she could tell me I have been eating my dumplings incorrectly. Thanks!

To celebrate me being here for a whole month (my Chinaversary!) I had a couple of evenings out. The first was to the Real Shanghai Cafe & Bar, which is literally a 30 second walk from my flat. It’s so cute and small inside and reminded me of Boston bar in Reykjavik. The staff (in the photos below) were so hilarious and friendly and kept asking for our song requests – I can’t wait for it to be my new ‘local’. Next, we went to Zapatas, which felt more like a club on a party strip in Europe, featuring several very skinny Chinese girls in Pokemon tops standing on the bar serving tequila straight from the bottle… definitely a good night every once in a while, but tequila is not my friend.

Two final things that brighten up my days:

  1. Seeing my degree and LRAD certificates framed in the studios and covered in glitter! This pretty much sums up the vibe of the dance school.


2. Skype with my true love.



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