M50 Art Centre

For my day off this week, I decided to visit the M50 Art Centre. This seems to be basically a series of warehouse buildings that have been converted into art galleries. I chose it as it’s one of the top ten recommended places to visit in my guide book, however it was virtually empty. I’m not sure if I was missing something, but I could barely even find any staff.

The surrounding area is covered in graffiti, so so much litter and had several stalls of what looked like old junk, but again had no people standing there to sell it (there was a dog patrolling round them though). It definitely seems to be one of the more quiet patches of the city.


I found some of the galleries to be very strange and almost a bit of a jumble, as if they were in the middle of setting up, whereas others were simply beautiful. Here are some of the weird and wonderful things I saw:



There were also some photography exhibitions, including a very spacious warehouse area used for Stanley Fung’s Metaphors of Humbleness – I love this quotation used in the abstract.



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