Goodbye September

Today marks another milestone for me, as I have made it through September and tomorrow is the first day of the October national holiday week. A group of us have booked to visit the famous Huangshan (also known as the Yellow Mountains) which I am so excited for, despite the stormy weather forecast and the fact that it is predicted over 10,000 people will visit each day this weekend!

Here are some photos from throughout my week. I see these cuties every Thursday:

Another authentic takeaway night at the flat, and a lunch I treated myself to during one of my breaks:

I have been asked to perform at an event to celebrate the opening of a new studio in October. Luckily, my intensive training on the Licentiate course at the RAD was fairly recent, so I have chosen to do the Advanced 2 Variation 2 which I also did for my assessment in June. I took advantage of having a spare studio to get back into some Advanced 2 syllabus earlier this week (ironically, as soon as nobody’s watching, I’m able to do a decent penchée after approx 22 years of never being able to):

On my day off, I went shopping again at East Nanjing Road (I’m stupidly spending my Chinese cash as if it’s Monopoly money) and, of course, got lost on the way there in People’s Park. It seems the best way to find some new beautiful views is to get lost as much as I do:



And finally, a lovely night time view from a balcony I found on Biyun Road, Pudong:



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