Beijing Getaway

This week I was invited to spend 3 days in Beijing to meet dancer, choreographer and American Dance Awards judge Tim Fournier, plus some of the rest of my dance school team. Overall, the trip has left me feeling sore, achey, and 100% blessed.

I was lucky enough to stay in the most stunning home – full to the brim with art, books and antiques.

Throughout the 3 days, I spent most of my time in the studio with the others, learning new teaching techniques and material designed to really strengthen and push students. It felt absolutely fantastic to be back to dancing properly. Nothing feels quite the same as being able to leap around a huge studio and learn choreography from somebody as incredibly talented as Tim. The best thing I have taken away from his lessons is the value of being totally and unapologetically yourself.

Coming back from this trip, I feel inspired and my motivation has been renewed. This is mainly down to being surrounded by such successful, powerful and entrepreneurial people. The following photos show some of the things in the house which I wanted to capture forever:


Beijing is very different to Shanghai, and even though I did not get to explore that much during this trip, I saw some great sights and ate amazing food:

Dogs are my favourite thing and I am missing my Phoebe at home huge amounts, so I am sooo glad I got to have some quality time with 4 lovely little dogs who live at the house in Beijing.


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