TEDxShanghaiWomen: It’s About Time

On Friday I was so so lucky and excited to have got a ticket to go to a TEDx event! I am obsessed with TED Talks so going to see some in the flesh has been on my bucket list for a while now. This event was organised by ShanghaiWomen and the theme was: It’s About Time. The talks covered many different topics, from relationship issues, workaholics, breast cancer detection, breastfeeding research and general advice for your career and life. It was a really interesting day as I’ve never been to anything like it before and there was a real focus on being ‘present’ in the room rather than being distracted thinking about responsibilities elsewhere. One thing that made me laugh which I loved was that the audience was guided through a seated yoga/stretching session as an interval between talks.


The day consisted of watching live-streamed TED talks from a TEDxWomen event in California as well as 6 live speakers. I wrote down a few ideas/quotations that resonated with me throughout the talks, which I want to share.

From Laura Vanderkam’s talk:

  • Time is elastic.
  • Goal setting: Imagine you are writing next year’s performance review for work, or next year’s Christmas holiday family letter – what would you be writing in these if you’d had the best year possible? These are your goals and priorities for the next year. Try to write 3-5.
  • When setting and prioritising goals, write 1-3 in 3 categories: Career, Relationships and Self.
  • There IS time for what you want to get done – you have 168 hours per week.

From venture capitalist Pocket Sun’s talk ‘Use Your Difference to Make an Impact’:

  1. Ideas are worthless, unless you act on them.
  2. Take baby steps and learn along the way.
  3. What legacy do you wish to leave? Does what you’re doing right now reflect this?

From photographer Eleanor Moseman’s talk ‘It’s Time to Live Fearlessly’, which included amazing stories of inspirational women she met on her travels:

  • What fear is stopping you from speaking out?
  • What fear is stopping you from being genuine?
  • What fear is stopping you from loving?
  • “Imagine what life would be like if we loved without being scared of getting hurt…”


I also made a lovely friend named Cherry from Hongzhou who kept me company as we both went to the event alone. All in all it was an amazing day.




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