After moving away from home for the first time ever, to say I was excited to go home is understatement of the year! My family also moved house while I was away, which meant no more childhood home in Brentwood! I came back to a brand new beautiful home by Frinton-On-Sea.

The journey home was an absolute nightmare, including cancelled flights, a lost passport and lots of frantic running around at the airport (New Year’s Resolution: get fit enough to run for more than 10 mins..). It was also very emotional as it sunk in that I’ve achieved my first goal of staying in Shanghai until Christmas. It was a slightly surreal moment as we flew over London and I could so clearly see Chelsea and Battersea Bridge – I never thought I would be sat on an international flight coming home from my first real teaching experience abroad, missing being sat on the smelly 170 on my way to RAD in Battersea.


I absolutely looove my new home in Frinton. The best thing was being able to relax and wrap my Chinese Christmas presents all day in the quiet countryside (you can hear roadworks/drills in my Shanghai flat pretty much 24/7) and see my family and friends who I have missed ridiculous amounts. I also met Barney our new cat, and my brother’s girlfriend’s new puppies, having seriously missed having pets constantly around.



It was my favourite Christmas so far, even though I was only back for such a short time. After our little Christmas day just the four of us, we also had Polish Christmas at my auntie’s house in Stoke-on-Trent.


And of course, I couldn’t go back to England without going to Brentwood and having some nights with my girls who have been unbelievably supportive every day that I have been out here. I loved them all visiting my new house for a sleepover like we were little again, and the icing on the cake was having all 8 of us from school re-united in one place for the first time since December 27th 2015! I’m so grateful for all of them and what a supportive team we are. We all set our goals and resolutions for 2017; I already can’t wait for it to be a year from now with us all together again, prosecco in hand, looking back on what we have achieved.


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