Back to Shanghai

Honestly, I wouldn’t say I was super excited to come back to Shanghai after such a lovely time at home, but once I was on my way and sitting back on the Metro from the airport to Jiangsu Road, it felt like no time had passed at all and everything was back to normal. It’s a strange feeling to have a ‘home away from home’; something I’ve never really had before.

Since coming back, lessons have been going well and preparation for the American Dance Awards in July have already begun, which I’m eager to focus on as a goal for this semester. YK Pao Primary School had their enrichment programme show, so the girls performed their Sleeping Beauty pieces once more and it was very sweet to see them excited about performing again.

I’ve also managed to fit in some shopping at my favourite: East Nanjing Road. It’s Chinese New Year next week and it will be the year of the Rooster – I love that all the shops are chicken crazy, whether it’s a supermarket or Dolce & Gabbana.


On my day off this week, I visited Century Park in Pudong to try out my new camera, which I bought at Xing Guang Photographic Centre (basically a 5-storey shopping mall purely for photography equipment), ready to use in Japan next week. I think I more or less got frostbite, but it was beautiful and virtually empty so I could just sit alone with my thoughts. Lots of lanterns everywhere for Chinese New Year!


And finally, here are some cute photos of my little ones!


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