Hakone and Mt Fuji

Hana and I stayed in Hakone, Japan for two nights, which we explored in search of the perfect view of Mount Fuji. We were lucky enough to get some really beautiful clears skies to see it – the photos seriously don’t capture it. We stayed at K’s House hostel (one of a chain) which had really nice communal areas and its own spa facilities.


My main highlight of our time in Hakone was the second thing it is famous for: its hot spring onsen spas. We had planned all along to visit one of these, but we didn’t know until we were about to check out our hostels own onsen that it is Japanese tradition to go in completely naked… so we freaked out a bit but then thought ‘Come on, we are in JAPAN’ which meant, of course, we had to go! So we chose the Tenzan Tohji-kyo onsen (luckily tattoo-friendly, unlike most) and it was absolutely amazing! Anybody who knows me knows that I am obsessed with having a nice hot bath, and this experience made up for the fact that we don’t have a bath tub in our China flat. The hot springs are outdoors surrounded by rocks and trees and are literally just steamy hot baths that you can relax in for as long as you like. Unfortunately, thanks to the Japanese tradition we had just discovered, we couldn’t take any photos of the actual spas, but my favourite part was a little cave you could swim into and completely zone out by yourself. I would definitely recommend going in the evening (it closed at 11pm) since it’s so much more peaceful and wasn’t very busy at all. I think it’s my new favourite place in the whole world.



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