6 Month Chinaversary!

Today marks 6 months since I flew from London to Shanghai, I can’t believe it has been that long!? 183 days to be precise. The best part is that I wasn’t really counting, because originally I was ticking off the days as a way of motivating myself, but I haven’t needed to recently. I think that means I’m finally settling in.

Since Chinese New Year we have been focusing on preparing for ballet exams and our March awards show. The kids have also been rehearsing loads for the American Dance Awards – their solos and group dances are coming together really nicely. The rest of my time has been filled up with the usual: amazing food, seeing some sights in my spare time, and just generally relaxing more into this lifestyle. At the end of January I also had to say goodbye to my wonderful Shanghai friend Charlotte!






Part of settling into living here is finding time to do things I enjoy and do just for me, and one of these things (which I have long neglected) is drawing. If I don’t have anything creative to work on in my spare time for a while, I go a bit mad.

Today I got to Skype all of the 3rd year students at RAD during their lecture with Lizz Fort about moving abroad, which was so nice. I really miss it there. I like to think I am setting an example: I have always believed in the value of leading by example and I think I’m finally doing that in some ways! Hopefully the fact that I’ve managed to stay out here will be enough to encourage someone else to go for it and take a big opportunity for themselves, too.

Some other lovely Skype chats I’ve had recently:

Miss you!

I almost forgot… I am SO excited to finally be able to say I will be having people come to visit me in China! See you in 92 days Amy and Rosie!!


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